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The Art of Lexi
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The art and elements to optimize your physical state, satisfaction, sensuality, and well-being...

Accommodate:  To adapt, to make suitable for all.

Mental well-being, fitness, and satisfaction are not a one size fits all plans.  Differences in lifestyles, interests, genetic makeup, commitment, determination, and courage determine your ability to optimize your physical state, satisfaction, sensuality, and well-being.

Integrate: To combine things to become more effective

Adding what you love, what you desire, adding wellness as a lifestyle can be life changing,  Everyone no matter what it is they need to integrate, can take their life to its greatest capacity by integrating the art and elements to optimize your physical state, satisfaction, sensuality, and well being.



I am a professional athlete. professional photographer/videographer.  I offer a variety of services...session wrestling, online training, video sessions, custom pics and video, wellness coaching, as well as photography and video services for others in the industry plus so much more.

I'm extremely passionate, I love meeting new people and I genuinely enjoy all aspects of "the art of lexi". The best part is using my powerful strength to make fantasies come true and using my knowledge and skills to improve others' lives.  I'm stronger, faster, more powerful and trained than you can imagine.  Are you ready for me?

valentina Art

Valentina suffered a devastating knee injury.  She had surgery on June 17 and she is working hard in rehab so she can be back as soon as possible!  She is available to contact if you would like to reach out to her during this difficult time.




Client reviews

Guys, I don't normally post reviews, but I must tell you about this dynamo. Lexi is in a word Amazing!
She was extremely communicative and setting up the session was a pleasure. Upon meeting here, my jaw simply dropped to the floor. She is so much more beautiful in person than her pictures can show. Her skin is velvet soft, and covers absolutely granite hard muscles. Her upper body is very defined, but her legs. Those legs should be registered as lethal weapons. Because her legs are so lean, they don't pressure your jaw, leading to some very painful, very exquisite scissors. I found myself tapping very quickly as she ramped up the pressure. I have done many, many sessions and I can honestly say this was one of the absolute best. I can't wait for her to come back to Texas for round two!

Austin, TX 

February 14, 2021

1 word for Lexi...AMAZING!!

Sessioned with her yesterday and this woman is such a sweetheart, great figure, and has a competitive streak and loves to wrestle/arm wrestle and even talk trash. I had such a blast and already trying to figure out when we can session again.

Highly, highly, highly recommend!

Chicago, IL 

December 24, 2020

Met with Lexi recently. She is first class all the way around. Looks better in person. Body is a 10/10. Sweet as can be. Don’t let her smile fool you though. She took me in arm-wrestling easily. As soon as I walked in the door she challenged me. I’m guessing she already knew what the outcome would be. Lol. If she comes to your town she is a must see. I’m hoping she comes back here. I wouldn’t miss it.

New Jersey 

December 28, 2020

I had an amazing session with Lexi in Pittsburgh Saturday evening! When i saw her profile pop up i was a bit hesitant to reach out but I’m so glad i took the chance! You can tell she loves doing what she does! Amazing body, legs are super strong and her trash talk was excellent! I can take some pain but her headscissors are no joke! Highly recommended if in your area! Def the real deal!

Pittsburgh, PA

December 27, 2021



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